About Us

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

― Victor Hugo, Hugo’s Works: William Shakespeare

We at SS Production Ltd. are a music and video production company specialising in original composition and sound design for music videos and commercials. We deliver a world class bespoke service from the most beautiful part of the world, known otherwise as New Zealand.

Our excellence lies in our diverse team of talented composers, musicians and video directors led by Amit Sood, whose passion and dedication towards his work can offer you the first class expertise and vision necessary to create the perfect soundtrack or video for your project.

Established in 2013, our work has earned us an outstanding reputation and loyalty from our clients and partners.

At SS Production, we are dedicated in bringing together all the tiny details that combine to make a world class product for your needs. The sheer passion coupled with consistently delivering ambitious standards in the entertainment industry has brought together like-minded people with ample enthusiasm to help achieve any goal.

Amit Sood
“Producer – SS Production”

What we do

At SS Production Ltd, we believe that a bespoke piece of music and video creates the ultimate signature for your portfolio. Music, we believe, is a highly powerful medium that should evoke an emotional response from the listener, engaging them on a far deeper level than words or images alone.

Our talented team have produced a diverse range of original and cutting-edge music videos which can be seen on our official Youtube channel, Facebook page or the Work Done section of our website.

Aside from music, our team also oversees other important projects such as advertisements, television commercials, short films, documentaries, as well as educational and promotional videos. These projects are all encompassed within our wide range of expertise and completed to the highest standard.

Our company focuses on ‘Directing Passions for Success‘ and at SS Production we strive to deliver only the best. Areas of specialty include:

  • Music albums
  • Music Videos
  • Short Films
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials / Adverts


SS Production was formed when Amit and Rohit Sood alongside Jasbinderjit Singh (Jessie), with a passion for music and film, sat together and decided to do something exciting with their lives; something which gave them a sense of achievement and accomplishment. As they moved ahead, the team started growing, with more valuable members being added such as Isha and Payal as makeup artists. Gagan Sandhu, our video director, joined one year later and immediately took our team to next level with his enthusiasm, vision and dedication. Highly skilled, Gagan pushed the envelope with his passion for the creative arts, combined with a never-look-back philosophy, and quickly established himself as a pillar of the company, alongside Amit, Rohit Sood.

We are proud to say, though our company has greatly increased in size from its humble beginnings, we are not just a team, we are family.


Directing passions for success.